Mondo Sports Therapy offers injury prevention screening to athletes of any age and in any stage of their career.

From high school athlete to adult recreational athlete all the way to the professional athlete, we perform a comprehensive musculoskeletal screen in order to identify the structures that are more likely to breakdown during your training season.

Once the areas of weakness or vulnerability are identified, we provide tailor made recommendations of what you can do in order to address the identified problem and decrease your risk of developing an injury.

We recommend annual screenings in order to continue to monitor your musculoskeletal health and decrease your injury risk with your active lifestyle just like your annual physical and bi-annual dental cleanings.

After all, as athletes, we love being outdoors and active so much, it is worth investing in your health so that you can keep doing the activities you love and enjoy.

To schedule an appointment for an injury prevention screen, please call 512-903-6514 or email requests to [email protected]