Mindy Maurer

Mindy Maurer is the front office administrator for Mondo Sports Therapy. Mindy is a dedicated and passionate health science professional with a focus on healthcare administration. Born and raised in Victoria, Texas with a close-knit community, Mindy has always been passionate about helping others and improving their well-being.

Driven by her interest in human health and wellness, Mindy pursued a degree in Health Science at South University. Throughout her academic journey, she consistently excelled, graduating with top honors, and earning recognition for her dedication to the field.

Mindy’s degree in Health Science equipped her with a strong foundation in various disciplines, such as public health, healthcare management, and health education. This diverse knowledge base allowed her to understand the complex interplay between individual and community health, and the importance of a holistic approach to wellness. She has since worked in a variety of roles, including health education, program development, and healthcare administration.

In her personal life, Mindy enjoys traveling and exploring the outdoors. Mindy is also a devoted volunteer, regularly dedicating her time and expertise to local health initiatives and non-profit organizations.